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In the new age of country music, there are few artists that still draw inspiration from the genre’s traditional roots. Not only is Shelby Lee Lowe inspired by the great legends of country music past but also influenced by the southern rock, blues and R&B he has loved since childhood. Lewisburg, TN native Shelby Lee Lowe is a country singer, songwriter and rising star in the world of country music., November 2015 (Click Here) for more....
Shelby Lee Lowe has signed with BANNER MUSIC.  The Cornersville, Tenn. native recently graduated from MTSU and is working on his debut project with the company.
"Shelby brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our team.  He is determined to do what it takes to succeed and he is full of optimism about accomplishing goals.  I think a company like Banner Music is known for the quality of artists and songwriters they sign and I believe Shelby's personality and commitment is a good fit because he supports and strengthens our company's reputation by having the same qualities that we have," said Daniel Kleindienst, co-owner/songwriter/producer of Banner Music.
Music Row Magazine, August 2015
Shelby Lee Lowe is a songwriter from Lewisburg, TN who incorporates his love for Southern Rock, R&B, and blues into his country music. Lowe’s music is influenced by traditional country music including his own spin on it with other styles. He has performed at festivals, weddings, and venues and continues to expand his performance locations. He is currently writing songs for a new project and will be recording a full length album soon. Check out his song, “Slow Dancing” here!
Daily Discovery of American Songwriter The Craft Of Music, February 2015 (Click Here) for more......


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